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About Us

Hi, I'm Kaneena - that black and tan dog in the front looking proud and confident. 


I am managing this site - doing none of the work except to inspire my assistant to put human fingers to keyboard.


That's me and my pack - the human is Katie and she brings home the bacon - sometimes literally.  Lacey is the scared looking pup behind me and to my left (your right), Patrick is licking Katie's fingers and the tan chihuahua to my right (your left) is Rafael.


I was twice a shelter dog - once as a puppy and then was surrendered back to the shelter because I had too much spunk.  Not sure what that was about?  I'm a friendly girl - so friendly spunk is a good thing, right?


We are two sites rolled into one.  Both shelter dog and shelter cat press.  Yep - cats are worthy too!


We share blogging rights and maybe even another one of the pack will write from their point of view.