We'll Go The Extra Mile for Watson and Shelter Dogs Like Him

Going the Extra Mile For the Love of Dogs


A dog wandering the streets, possibly abandoned there, is brought in out of the cold ahead of a big winter storm and finds his way to the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter and into a foster home.  That foster home is with Katie.


He loves other dogs but is quite fearful of humans.  He will likely remain that way but does learn to trust some people who show him patience and love.  This dog was given a name to honor where he was found and the community who pulled together to help him - Watson for his hometown of Watsonville.


Watson had a pronounced limp which required surgery and the Shelter used special funds to get him the extra medical care he needed.


Katie’s objective with this project is to raise both money for and awareness of the Shelter’s EXTRA MILE FUND and to pay forward the cost of Watson’s surgery so that other shelter animals can receive the medical care they need.


Her images place the dogs in settings about town and abroad and bring a whimsical humor to the cause.   You can help too!


Cards and prints are on sale and a hefty portion of each sale goes to the fund.